Jesus said He would build His church, and the gates of Hell will not overcome it. 

We love the church, because it belongs to Christ. The church is many things, and at the very least it extends beyond the idea of a building with stained glassed windows and a steeple.

We describe our church as a community of disciples; anchored in hope, growing in faith, and walking in love.

New to church

Walking into a new church can raise some questions, we've tried to answer some of them.

A Worship Gathering goes for about one hour. We’ll start by worshipping God together with singing. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard any of the songs before, the words will be on the screen so you can join in if you want to. You can also use the time to reflect, pray, or just watch.

One of our team will then share a hope-filled message from the bible about Jesus for about 20 minutes.

We will also take time for what is called "Communion" where we remember the sacrificial death of Jesus, by eating a wafer and drinking a small cup of juice. They are all individually sealed and you don't need to come to the front.

Although we only meet in person together each fortnight at our Worship Gatherings, we still consider our Home Gatherings a meeting. You might consider them an online gathering where the whole church is engaged through the same platform at the same time, the content is predominantly live, and the public chat a way to encourage one another. 

Connection is important for genuine discipleship, you can connect beyond our Sunday gatherings by joining a Small Group (fortnightly) which gather in people's homes mid-week. You can jump online for Friday morning prayer meeting each week at 645am via zoom. Or serve faithfully on a team during our Worship Gatherings. 

Street parking is the only option for our Sunday worship gatherings. There is normally ample parking on either Hawke or Miller St. Go to the Gatherings page to view location and map.

Questions are always welcomed. The pastors will be available at the end of our worship gatherings to answer your questions or you can reach out prior to your visit via our Contact page


Our pastors
James & Shanthy

Together with their three sons, they bring a passion for the local church, raising disciples of Jesus through sound doctrine and a plethora of sport. After 20 years of leadership & ministry they still love God, love people and love each other. 

If you visit C3 Church Melbourne, introduce yourself, have a chat and feel free to ask questions. 

Grow with people

Our prayer is that every person in our church be not only anchored in hope but also growing in their faith and walking in love for others. The best environment for this to occur is being gathered with other believers in small groups and serving others faithfully in teams. 

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