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Hope For People.

Our heart is to reach people with the hope of Jesus and to grow in real community. That is it! That’s our heart, that’s our vision, that’s our mission, that’s our purpose. We want to bring hope to people within and beyond our church, and we want those in our church to grow in real community, a community of meaningful relationships that cause one another to become more like Christ.

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Our Pastors
James & Shanthy

Together with their three sons (Jackson, Hamish & Bennett), they bring a youthfulness and vibrancy that is undergirded by nearly 20 years of leadership & ministry.

If you visit C3 Church Melbourne North, introduce yourself and they will more than likely invite you out for lunch or coffee.

Grow With People.

Our message is hope but our context is community. We want to create “real community”, authentic community built on real meaningful relationships. Real community that is devoted to Christ and devoted to one another. Involvement in a group or team creates an opportunity for said community to develop.

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